Katalyze Corporate & Youth Initiative

What we do

With the cut throat competition that today’s market presents due to its global reach and volatile nature, it is imperative that companies equip their employees with skills besides technical. They need to come forward as confident individuals well versed with the world outside in order to harness their full potential. Investing on the soft skills and introducing programs that address the personal psychological dilemmas that today’s professionals go through can go a long way towards creating a work-force with increased job satisfaction ready for a long term relationship with the employers.

We at Katalyze recognize these needs and have multiple modules that address various aspects of personality development, creating a work life balance leading to a greater degree of employee retention.

The programs are conducted impeccably:

All our modules address the needs of every working professional and adopt a very practical approach to tackle issues that are faced in the real world; because at Katalyze we know !

We are a team of self-motivated, highly dedicated professionals with an unwavering commitment and a single minded focus towards empowering the younger generation with skills that will enable them to be truly progressive thinking Global Citizens and professionals.

Our Purpose

In order for us to be able to sustain the immense growth that the country has witnessed over the last two decades, it is important that we have a progressive thinking, highly adaptable workforce that has a pleasant personality, oodles of confidence and a profound sense of responsibility.

Katalyze is our attempt to equip the young minds with exceptional social and employability skills that will help them tackle a volatile and ever demanding global market and harness their own potential to the maximum.

The Katalyze Advantage

  • Results orientation through practical and meaningful programmes
  • Trainers with vast corporate expertise, thorough understanding of global nuances, rich international experience and an unwavering commitment to programme effectiveness.
  • Trainers with a passion for uninterrupted continuous learning and skill enhancement.
  • Our programmes are conducted in an engaging, non- threatening environment that encourages participants to enhance their strengths and find ways to minimize personality based challenges.
  • Our programmes encourage bonding and team spirit, making individuals more effective and better committed employees.
  • We have an understanding of various psychological dilemmas that today’s students face and help them overcome these.

As educators, it is imperative that we equip our students with a pleasant personality, brimming with confidence, as mere academic excellence is inadequate. Our rich international experience in working with geographically diverse multi ethnic groups gives us an edge that is hard to match. We take pride in assuring our customers of highest levels of quality in whatever we do.